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Rosa del Raval

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The divine Mexican

Translated by Beth Pearson — 3 years ago

Original text by Eliette Fritsch

A five day stay in Barcelona often spent eating... That's why you have to choose the best restaurants regarding both quality and price! Thanks to our friend who had already visited, we had some good gastronomic advice including this Mexican. Initially the offers postered up in the entrance of Rosa Raval (Mojitos and margaritas at 3. 50 euros each) were very attractive. The prices were cheap which is normal in Spain but they were delicious. They were also original in offering, among others, excellent strawberry or passion fruit mojitos.

Le divin mexicain

Next different dishes are proposed to share, such as the cheesy nachos or the tasting platter composed of sweetcorn, guacamole and beef on potato slices. Be wary of the sauces that the waiters automatically put on the table as they are very spicy!

Le divin mexicain

In regards to the main dishes, various choices are proposed - namely spicy dishes, fish or meat. After a very succesful first experience in the restaurant, we returned. The first time I had 'tacos variados' - basically little flour tortillas, each one filled with veal, beef and guacamole.

Le divin mexicain

The second time, I changed and had the « quesadillas de carne », which were also tortillas filled with grilled beef with melted cheese.

Le divin mexicain

Both of these dishes were delicious!

The personnel are really nice and very welcoming! The menus are available in several languages and the prices are really affordable, ranging from 5 to 12 euros. It's a very frequented place so you have to know to be patient or to arrive at the right time. The décor is colourful and it is worth the detour!

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