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Demasie: A Hidden Gem

Published by Shalana Payne — 3 years ago

Demasie is a sweet shop known for its dessert, especially their cinnamon rolls, and lemonade. I consider it a hidden gem because of its lcoation. It is situated in a daunting street but Demasie is the light of it. Upon entering I was completely fascinated by the layout of the cinnamon rolls in the display window. Be sure to get their early though - the lemonade is a quick seller. I was so unsure of which flavours to try I ended up buying 3 different ones: blueberry, cookies and cream, and the original cinnamon roll! There is also a cinnamon roll for Vegans. There is a backdrop where you can take fun photos. This place is age appropriate for anyone, so for those who may have a sweet tooth (like me), and want to just get a nice dessert this is a must try. I definitely think it is a must go place for anyone that visits barcelona. 

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