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ELIJAH Tattoo & Barber Shop

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Best Barber Shop In Barcelona

Published by Joa Figaros — 9 months ago

What a great place to go whilst you are in Barcelona! I was lucky enough to be told about this gem by a friend who said it's a must. Obviously, arriving into a new city and finding a new barber is such a big task. But upon arriving they all spoke perfect english. They were playing really good music while I waited and I was offered free beer which is a great touch to the service. The price is great as well and they had this loyalty card that I picked up for free.

The name of the guy who cut my hair is Shane. He told me he had learnt in London and let me know I was in the best barbershop in Barcelona. All the guys looked clean and were using some really nice products of the House99 brand, owned by David Beckham.

I'll be a regular here and hope I can lead you to the best barber in Shane.

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