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ELIJAH Tattoo & Barber Shop

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Best Barber shop In Barcelona

Published by Joa Figaros — 11 days ago

What a great place to go whilst your in Barcelona. I was lucky enough to told about this gem by a friend who said its a must. Obviously arriving into a new city and finding a new barber is such a big task, but upon arriving they all spoke perfect english. They was playing really good music while I waited and I was offered free beer which is a great touch to the service, the price is great as well and they had this loyalty card they I picked up for free. 

The guy who cut me was called Shane, he told me he had learnt in London and let me know I was in the best barbershop in Barcelona. All the guys looked clean and was using some

really nice products which was called House99 which was owned by David Beckham.

Il be a regualar and hope I can lead you to the best barber in Shane.

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