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Barcelona, Spain

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Park Güell

Published by Crazy Travel — 3 years ago

Park Güell

Park Güell which is named under UNESCO world heritage in 1984, is public park which was opened in 1926 at Barcelona, Spain.Park is located on a small hill which is named as Carmel hill. This is an example of Gaudí's artistic plenitude. Casa Museu Gaudí has located in this park since 1963. Originally this place is an unsuccessful housing project which took place according to an idea of Eusebi Güell.

The park reflects an amazing stone structures, fascinating buildings and statues which are decorated by fascinating tiles.The Gaudí dragon fountain which is at the entrance to Güell park, furnished with beautiful coloured tiling, has added a magical hypothesis to the park.

Park Güell

The walkways which is built by using twisting rock pillars according to the shape of tree trunk, has added the irregular nature to the park. This unique nature was adopted in the designs of Gaudí since he was strongly influenced by nature.

Park Güell

Travellers can reach their buy metro, bus or city tour buses. For me the most convenient was using the public bus since it reaches to the gate of the park without giving any worries. To visit the museum, travellers should buy a ticket. The prices of the ticket vary according to the package you are going to buy. Apart from the museum people can visit the other area of the park without buying a ticket.

The design of the park is quite unique and peaceful. the artistic nature of the building which has well combined with the nature has added extra beauty to the park. Specially we can see wide variety of wildlife including non-native species. The Barcelona city view with the lagoon from the park is amazing. mosaic seats which are decorated with multicolour tiles, is a breathtakingly view.

Park Güell

I advise you to go early in order to have a good ride in the park and discover every corner of the park since it takes few hours to cover the whole area.


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