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Beer and Sangria

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 3 years ago

Spending the day in Barcelona is great. Usually sunny, the city has a lot of outside activities, such as La Barceloneta beach, Park de la Ciutadella, Parc Guell and the many tourist attractions. But the nightlife in the city is also amazing! 

A great pub to visit while in Barcelona is L'Ovella Negra, with a big menu for beer, drinks and shots, it is a place for every taste.

Beer and Sangria

The bar has many tables to eat and drinks with friends and it also has a dance floor, for those who are a little more cheered up! And the music is usually great: from classic rock to pop and reggeaton music, you will probably feel like dancing or singing

Beer and Sangria

I reccomend you to order the beer or sangria gallon served there: 5 liters of drinks to share with friends. And the price is really fair: 2 euros for a tequila shot or 10 euros for a bucket full of beer. 

Beer and Sangria

You can also have snacks, or tapas like the spanish say, while in there. Batatas bravas are the most traditional tapas in Barcelona, try them!

And if you still feel like partying after the bar is closing, you can go to the many clubs in the region, including Razzmatazz, the best one in my opinion. 

Enjoy Barcelona days, and also nights! 

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