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Placa Reial

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Great Square For Food & Drinks

Published by Lauren Armstrong — 5 years ago

PLaca Reial is filled with restaurants and bars. This square is off of ramblas and has everything you need! It is a beautiful square called Placa Reial. It is very big and open, when you first walk in there’s is a beautiful water fountain which is a nice place to take pictures.  Surrounding this square are restaurants with beautiful terraces. It is very nice to sit outside and have lunch, dinner or a drink depending on the time you go there. Most of the restaurants have tapas, which is nice if you are looking for a light meal or some snacks. In the corner there is a restaurant called Santa Monica, which has very good food. The restaurant right next to that one is an Italian restaurant, which is also amazing, best cheese pasta you will ever have! There are also other restaurants around their where you can sit on the terrace and simple have drinks. The drinks are all pretty good in Placa Reial and everything is not too expensive. It is very nice to sit out at night with friends and have drinks here. There is also an amazing ice cream place called Artisa right as you walk in on the right side of Placa Reial. This place is good for dessert! They have amazing ice cream, coffee and crepes! The coffees are so amazing you can get a coffee with ice cream or also a coffee with nutella inside! I have had the coffee with nutella and it was amazing. They have good milkshakes too, it is also a little artisan shop where you can buy cute spices, oils, etc. Placa Reial is very nice and has everything you need if you are touring around the city it is a great place to stop for some food or drinks!  It is also nicely located off of ramblas, which makes it easier to tourist touring around. 

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