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The 5 Most Romantic Places in the City of Barcelona

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The top 5 most romantic places in Barcelona!

Translated by Amy Boles — 10 months ago

Original text by Gilda Immacolata Stelitano

Welcome to this post!

My dear readers, this morning I woke up to a 'not so pleasant' surprise, in love, dictated once again, by the 'reality' of Facebook! I'd say it's nothing terrible, but my mood certainly isn't suitable right now, to try and explain to you all what love is or where to find your soul mate, amongst the streets of Barcelona!

And yet, I want to do it right now! I want to do so because I decided to write about this topic just yesterday evening, but also - and above all - because I have made a very important promise to myself, which is not to experience any form of pain, due to love!

I'll explain better, it's not that I'm not upset about what I read this morning, or that I don't feel the pain of loving/ detaching myself from someone dear to me, but I want to promise myself to never again allow a love to hurt me so much from holding me back from continuing to do what I should do with my life, which means, in this case, to continue writing an article regarding romantic places in Barcelona!

Keep calm: despite my unhappy mood, I will suggest some beautiful places, in which you could try to steal the heart of the person you love.

Let's get started!

1: Barceloneta Beach!

Although some people may not agree with me, I think that the most romantic place in the whole of Barelona is the Barceloneta Beach, although it's very crowded, it is also enchanting and empty during the first light of dawn! I've seen the sunrise many times in Barcelona and I can assure you that bringing a tent or sleeping bag (and of course the person you love) really will be the most beautiful experience of your life! My smile is already returning whilst I write about it!

2:The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc (Font màgica de Montjuïc)!

Want do you want me to tell you about this one? The Magic Fountain conveniently lights up at night, from 8:30PM - 9PM, it really is a 'magical' place! Even with the worst man on the planet, this scenery of music and ever-changing colours, will evoke something a little bit like the wave of love! Okay, I'm exaggerating! As a matter of fact, the places you visit shouldn't change your feelings for someone, but I'm sure that even a friend that you never imagined could be a bit more fascinating, you'll be able to discover something new and lovely about! A reflection that you had not yet noticed their face, thanks to the Magic Fountain!



3:The Citadel Park (Parc de la Ciutadella)!

I don't mind confessing that it was in this wonderful and enchanting park that I met my love (!), a long time ago! Oh well! Let's move on! The Citadel Park is a truly special and unparalleled place. If you want to win over someone's heart then why not take a simple picnic blanket, something to eat and a bicycle, maybe a tandem bike, and simply enjoy in the sunlight?! If you really want to overdo it, you could go for a boat ride in the sizeable lake that's located in the park!



4: The Terrace at Park Güell!

Think of it how you like! But I still don't believe that there is a place more romantic and characteristic of Barcelona. It will be a special and unique experience, you could also perhaps take a photo at the most stunning part of Park Güell when the other tourists are out of the way!



5: The Carmel Bunkers!

I know that you probably won't find anything romantic in the remains of the trenches where some people were hidden during wartime, but I assure you that with the view of Barcelona from up there, nothing more could make you want to have the right person at your side!



Lastly, I'll leave you with a sentence that, in an instant, will disregard all other words that I have written up to now: everywhere in Barcelona is romantic! There isn't an angle of this adorable city, that won't make you dream of staying there next to that special person! It's the magic, charm and vitality of Barcelona that, no matter where we find ourselves, sends us an immense urge to love!

Thank you for reading this article, until next time!

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