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Amy Boles

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Amy Boles

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    The Worst Exam of my Life

    Source   The worst exam of my life... this is a topic I don't joke about. This is a very serious subject. Today I felt stupid, as if I didn't know anything, as if I hadn't studied anything. I think each one of us has felt like that: stupid, idiotic and hopeless. So...

    0 by Amy in Erasmus blog US , 20 days ago
  • Blog

    Spanish Cuisine #6: Empanadas

    I hope that none of my Argentine friends read this post, or at least, if they do I hope they can appreciate the pictures without reading the text. Jokes aside, I was quite surprised to discover that, contrary to popular belief, empanadas weren't first made in Argentina...

    0 by Amy in Erasmus recipes, one month ago

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