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Chocolate Amatller

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The best hot chocolate in Barcelona: Chocolate Amatller

Translated by flag- Emily Bevan — 4 years ago

Original text by flag-it Chiara M.

One of the main attractions in Barcelona is the Casa Batlló, on the famous Paseo de Gracia. Next door is another building of lesser fame but no less important, called Casa Amatller. This building was built around 1900 and was the work of a famous Spanish architect, a colleague of Antoni Gaudí. It was commissioned by a Spanish master chocolatier, Antoni Amatller who, after some time training abroad, returned to his hometown with a dream of living in the lap of luxury. A century after his death, his chocolate is still crafted and adored by the people of Barcelona. In his honour, the interior of Casa Amatller was transformed into a cafe where you can try the most delicious hot chocolate in all Barcelona.

I had heard the story of the famous Casa Amatller so when I found myself in the long queue for Casa Batlló one cold February afternoon my attention was caught by the elegant, Gothic architecture of the building next door. After Casa Batlló I decided to pay it a visit. Unfortunately parts of the building were under restoration and I couldn't go inside, but I did notice a cafe in the inner courtyard. The art nouveau style front door, decorated with multicoloured glass, piqued my curiosity and I decided to go in. Not long after I was warming my icy hands on the best cup of hot chocolate I had ever tasted.

From the cafe you can enter a small shop where you will find a wide selection of the original Amatller chocolate to buy. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and even darker chocolate, flavoured chocolate... The truffles and bars of chocolate are wrapped in paper decorated with old prints - all very elegant and colourful. Wanting to attempt their exquisite hot chocolate at home, I bought blocks of dark chocolate flavoured with orange and cinnamon which I still guard jealously, a year later!

The cafe's speciality is clearly the hot chocolate. I opted for a chocolate with a mountain of cream and dusted with cocoa. On the saucer I was given crunchy, crusty bread, perfect for dipping. As you can probably imagine from the photo, it was such a sight that I was almost sorry to eat it!

The best hot chocolate in Barcelona: Chocolate Amatller

I enjoyed my hot chocolate out in the courtyard.

The best hot chocolate in Barcelona: Chocolate Amatller

The courtyard is narrow with one wall completely covered in plants and sparkling with yellow fairy lights, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The mugs are delightful, pink and decorated with floral motifs, the same as which decorate the entrance hall of Casa Amatller.

The best hot chocolate in Barcelona: Chocolate Amatller

I decided to sit at a table which had a swing instead of a chair.

The best hot chocolate in Barcelona: Chocolate Amatller

Once I was seated, I sipped at my hot chocolate and relaxed, gently swaying back and forth on the swing. The courtyard is positioned between Casa Amatller and Casa Batlló, so it is possible to see some of the interior of Casa Batlló.

I returned to Casa Amatller several times during my stay in Barcelona, enjoying moments of peace over breakfast. It is definitely one of my favourite places in Barcelona.

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