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Blanes Beach

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Blanes Beach: Very clean and Peaceful

Published by yatish bathla — 5 years ago


When I reach to Blanes beach, I feel relaxed, peaceful and happy. This is the one of the most beautiful and clean beach I have ever seen in my life.


The Costa Brava begins at Blanes and heads north to France with its mix of golden beaches and crowded modern resorts. Blanes has one of the longest beaches on the Costa Brava.

It's a sand made of fine shell rather than pure sand but the beach and water looked free of rubbish. Noticed beach showers for washing off and a few wooden boardwalks for easier access.


The beach has very clean water like crystal which makes it suitable for scuba diving. Inside the city they maintain greenery by cultivating trees across the streets. There are good places around the city to eat bocadillo, soupa de catalunya and tortilla.


You can walk across the sand to the rock and on up to the top of it where the official beginning of the Costa Brava is marked.


Other highlight of Blanes is the Marimurtra botanic gardens up on a hilltop above the port at the north end of Blanes beach, taking visitors along the cliffedges with beautiful views of the Costa Brava. There is a lovely collection of flowers and plants there. Covering some 4 hectares at the heart of a property dominated by Mediterranean woodland, it is one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe. It is divided into three areas- subtropical, temperate and mediterranean - where a total of about 3000 species of plants are cultivated. Apart from communities of native plants, various vegetation groups or plant communities from the 5 continents have also been developed.

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