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chulapio bar a crepes

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Lovely crepes and even lovlier cocktails!

Published by Sarah Ginty — 6 years ago

You could almost walk past this bar and never even notice it, which is unfortunately the case with a lot of small bars everywhere, but once you go inside, you'll wonder how anyone could ever walk by. 

The owner and sole barman is such a nice gentleman who makes the best cocktails I have ever sampled (and i happen to have sampled quite a large amount in various countries). There is also a large range of both sweet and savory crepes/galletes which are always cooked to perfection and happen to go wonderfully with every single drink on the menu! This lovely Chilean man makes you feel so welcome and is very chatty and is always pleased to see you. With competitive prices for the centre of Barcelona in a beautiful area, it is really decently priced. 

During my five month stay in Barcelona, I frequented this little bar quite a lot and I can't wait until I can go back again, I woud definitely reccommend it!

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