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Best Market There Is!

Published by Lauren Armstrong — 5 years ago

La boqueria is an outdoor market right off of ramblas. It is full of people and tourists because it has everything you need and want. La Boqueria is amazing, when you walk through there are stands everywhere filled with different food items. They have stands for only chocolate and everything is made out of chocolate but id different shapes and sizes. They have chocolate lollipops candies shaped into cookies, cupcakes, animals, everything. They also have other candy dipped in chocolate. They have an array of chocolate products everything so delicious. I suggest you grab a bag from on of the ladies there and fill it up with different chocolate products to have a bite of each amazing taste! There is also another stand filled with candy, any candy you can imagine they have, sugar, sweet, salty, everything, they have it! There is also a bunch of fruit stands in side with the freshest fruit you will ever have. You can buy the fruit and they will cut it up right there for you.  You can also buy fresh pressed fruit juice. They have many different options such s orange juice or coconut orange or coconut pineapple or strawberry banana. They have every flavor and mixed flavors, I suggest buying one of these because it is so fresh and amazing. You can also buy fruit cups with chopped mixed fruit inside, also a good buy! Then there are the fish markets, they have every type of seafood for sale from clams to fish to lobster! You can chose what you want and they will cut your fish however you like it. There is also have stands for spices with every spice you will ever need, this market is a wonder you can find anything and everything. They also have meat stands with every type of meat you would like, they even have blood to eat, if that’s what you like. You can get pig’s nose, ear, tongue, whatever you prefer. There is also stands for eggs, this is amazing because they have lots of different eggs to chose from and if you use eggs a lot it is a lot cheaper to buy in large quantities! They have many other stands for wine, etc. this place literally has everything. There is also little pop up restaurants where you can go sit and they make all the food right in front of you. This is really nice because everything is so fresh and amazing an you get to see it right in front of your eyes! This is a great place to buy your groceries also the prices are cheaper than regular markets. 

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Eat different!

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 3 years ago

Visiting a city is not only about seeing the important monuments, museus and streets, but also about eating local food. If you're in Barcelona, a great place to do so is at La Boqueria Market.

It's located in a very touristic area, next to La Rambla street and Catalunya square and it's a must see (or must eat). The market has many food options, among fruits, seafood, spices and much more. I strongly recomend the Paella, typical spanish dish. 


For those who eat meat, there are also lots of stores selling spanish ham there.


How much? 

Even though it's a touristic place, the food there is not that expensive. I had a full paella for 5 euros. Fair price! 


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