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Canaletas Fountain

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Canaletas Fountain

Translated by Beth Pearson — 3 years ago

Original text by Maika Cano Martínez

No matter how much they may like football, everyone knows the celebration venue for Spain's most important teams. I, being Murcian, witnessed the risings of Real Murcia CF, where everyone headed towards La Redonda (Plaza Circular) dressed in burgundy with scarves, trumpets, hats and whatever necessary.

Nevertheless, I believe that only Murcians know where the sports successes are celebrated, in my city's case. However, this isn't the case for the Spanish capitals' teams. For example, Atlético Madrid celebrate them at the Neptune Fountain and Real Madrid's celebration at the Cibeles Fountain is more famous yet. The Catalan equivalent, represented by the Fútbol Club Barcelona is the famous Canaletas Fountain.

Canaletas Fountain

This fountain has witnessed the countless successes of this enormous football club. Football during the years 2008-20018 took its expression in the dubbed best football club in history, which coincided with the 'Guardiola period' when something historical was achieved during the 2008/2009 season. 'The trio': which translated to the club being predominantly first in League, King's Cup and European Cup; celebrating all of these sporting triumphs at this famous fountain, situated in Barcelona's La Rambla.

Canaletas Fountain

When Barcelona FC has an important victory, people take to the streets; dressed in their teams and favourite players' shirts (especially Lionel Messi but there are many fans who wear Xavi, Iniesta or the Brasilian Neymar shirts). They all come together with the team, Spanish and Catalonian flags in order to celebrate the victory.

As the fountain isn't very big, only two or three people can normally 'get in' it whilst the rest celebrate the triumph down throughout Las Ramblas (it can be called Las Ramblas or La Rambla). In this respect, I like the Cibeles more. It's much bigger and for my taste, it's prettier. This is since Canaletas is 'just a fountain' with great historical importance but incomparable to the beauty of the Madrilenean fountain, which is more of a monument than a simple fountain.

Some young people often go up the lampposts during the celebrations and more than once, one has broken; which must be avoided. It's correct to allow these celebrations but without damaging the fountain's outskirts and less amongst the same fans.

To finish, I have to bring up a famous legend that circulates this fountain. Apparently if you drink from it, it 'ensures you return to Barcelona and are able to drink from the fountain again'. Personally, I saw the desire fulfilled as I had already been several times and every time I pass by, I to try to drink from it in order to return again to this beautiful city.

To get to the Canaletas Fountain, you should ask for La Rambla which is very close to the Plaza de Cataluña. Once you're down La Rambla, you should known that it's at the beginning of the same and to the right. You should pay very close attention because as I said before, it's not a very striking monument but otherwise just like any other fountain; where you will see the Barcelona FC shield and there will surely be people around taking photos, drinking the water or for the style.

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