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Barcelona Restaurants

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Barcelona FOOD Guide

Published by Lauren Armstrong — 5 years ago

Restaurants in Barcelona

The best of the best in Barcelona, but don’t get me wrong there are hundreds of amazing places in Barcelona it is hard to choose from all of them! I will give you some of my favorite places and why I like them.

Boldu - donuts, coffee, sandwiches, cakes.

The donuts are the most amazing donuts, I would eat them every day if I could. The coffee is also of great quality. There are also numerous shops around Barcelona, which is nice because you can go to whichever one you are closer too. There is also a lot of seating as well and you can take away whatever you would like and there are good prices.

Dionisos - Greek food, gyros, plates, desserts.

Amazing Greek food, very good quality and has specials for lunch. The gyros are amazing and so is the dessert. They have authentic Greek yogurt which is the best! The price is good as well.

Flax & Kale - Plates, juices, smoothies, vegetarian, vegan.

This place is very good, it seems weird when you look at the menu but it is AMAZING! The food they pair together goes great and it melts in your mouth. They also have fresh pressed juice, which is very good, and you can buy bottles of it. They have smoothies also which are great. Lots of seating and the restaurant is beautiful. It is a little pricey but it’s worth it!

Chok - Donuts, kronuts, cookies, cakes.

This is my favorite place in Barcelona because it is a chocolate kitchen! Everything is made with chocolate and it is so amazing. The donuts are so good they have some filled with nutella or oreo crème. They also have coffee and hot chocolate with fresh warm churros. There are so many things here you will want to try one of each. The price is very good as well and you can sit inside and eat your treats or take them to go.

Nice people BB - Burgers, sandwiches, bread.

This place has great burgers and fries. It also has a lot of good bread products as well. The service was great and we sat on the terrace and I love when places have seating outside. The price was very reasonable as well.

Alsur Café - Coffee, brunch, lunch, cakes.

This place is amazing! They have the best food and delicious coffee. They have a couple different locations, which is nice if you are closer to one. The place is also decorated very nicely. This is a great place for brunch. It is not expensive and has good service.

Travel & Cake - Cakes, brunch, lunch, pastries, coffee.

This is one of my favorite spots in Barcelona and they have numerous locations. They have a huge menu with a lot of things on it as well as the drinks. The menus come in other languages as well so it makes it easy if you can't read Spanish! The coffees and juices are all very good. My favorite is the breakfast/brunch part. They have the best food and everything is delicious. I am also addicted to their cakes and pastries. They have amazing donuts as well as banana bread and cupcakes. The place is so cute and there is outside seating at all locations. The wait staff is always so nice and this place is also cheap.

Gelaaati di Marco - Gelato, crepes, coffee.

Located in the Gothic area what could be better than going for some gelato and walking around the beautiful Gothic area. This place is known for its award winning gelato. They have many flavors but I suggest the award winning gelato. It is so good and they have many other things on their menu. Also the best yogurt gelato I have ever had.

Ignicio - Lunch, Dinner, tapas, meat.

This place has a great selection of tapas. It has amazing meat, which came out smoking. It is more on the expensive side but the meat is worth it.

Blai street - Tapas.

This street is famous for its tapas. They have many different restaurants specializing in a tapa. It is very cheap and very good! It is fun to go with your friends, have a couple of tapas and a drink.

Chivuos - Sandwiches, fries, beer.

This place has amazing pulled pork and Philly cheese steak sandwiches. They also have hand-crafted beer. The food is very good, the only problem is that it is a small place so if it's full you will have to wait for a long time.

Rabipelao - Venezuelan food.

This place has amazing arepas. We tried an assortment of some and they were so good! It also has a lot of seating inside and out which is nice. It was reasonably priced as well.

Eyescream & Friends - ice cream.

This place is very fun to go to and to take kids. They shave the ice cream right in front of you and you get to choose the sides you want with it. Then they put little candy eyes on your ice scream to make it look like a face. Pretty cute and it is very good.

Bo D B - Sandwiches, plates.

This place is a small little restaurant but you can take your sandwiches to go. They have a couple of tables if you get there at the right time and they happen to be empty. This place is very cheap. It is so good because they load your sandwich up with everything and its huge. This is no European size or price, one reason why I love this place.

Picnic Restaurant - Brunch, lunch.

This place is very delightful; it is so cute and has amazing food. My favorite are the pancakes and it is not expensive!

Wok-Organic Market - Market, wok, hamburgers.

This is an organic market but they also make wok and burgers right inside! I love this place because it is great to shop for healthy food; they have so many different products. The wok is my favorite. It is so good and served right then and there. There is little seating or you can take it to go and walk around the Gracia streets and eat it! The wok is reasonable but some of the organic products in the market can be a bit expensive but worth it.

Granja Petit Bo - Brunch

This place is very cute and has great brunch. There can sometimes be a very long line but it is worth it! Try to go ahead of the rush. It is not expensive either, but very reasonable prices.

Federal Café - Brunch

Best place to get brunch. They have many different items on the menu and all of them are very good.

Cornelia & Co. - Burgers, meat, fish, cheese.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Barcelona because this place is so cute. They also have artisan products to buy. The food is amazing, my favorite are the burgers as well as the buffalo (buffalo) cheese. Everything here is amazing. It is a very cool restaurant, a little expensive but very good.

El Nacional - Tapas.

This place is great and so fun! You can sit anywhere, they have a couple different sections and then a waiter will come around with tapas that were just made and you can tell them what you want. Waiters come around all the time with new food and you have to tell them you want it or else someone else could get it! It is very good food and fun atmosphere.

Artisa - Coffee, crepes, gelato, pastries.

This place is very good and has many different items to choose from. They have coffee with nutella in it; this is my favorite. They also have milkshakes and a lot of other goodies. It is very cheap and right off of ramblas.

Cantina Machito – Mexican food

Best Mexican food in Barcelona. This place is hidden and it is an amazing gem! The best tacos I have ever had, they are so flavorful and juicy, and it was so good. The place is decorated too beautifully! And you can sit outside if you want which is amazing. They also have the best lemonade I have ever had! Reasonably priced as well.

Soda Bus

This place is a very fun place to go to. It is like an old 50s diner. They have great burgers and fries and all around American food. They also have a bar with a lot of great mixed drinks. Reasonably priced.

La Tagliatella - Italian food.

This is the best Italian restaurant in Barcelona. It had many different locations and the pasta is so good. I like this place because you can choose what type of pasta you want and the sauce. They have many different types to choose from. They also have pizza and great desserts. Reasonable price as well.

If apart from the food, you want to know the best places to visit in Barcelona, this post will be useful.

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