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Fleamarket Encants

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Fleamarket Encants – Where to spend all of your savings

Published by Marie Miličková — 4 years ago

We all know  that shopping centres are full of people. But this fleamarket, which I am going to describe, is just simply like an anthill. People mash to each other grimly to get what they want for the best prices (regardless shoving others). Hurry up, don’t miss any seconds!

Several people has even weared special mouth masks around their noses and mouths. That’s because in such a mess of crowds and people, you can easily be infected by some contagious diseases. So don’t breathe, buy what you wnt and then get out of there as soon as possible!

The sellers differ from usual ones.  When you are crossing their stalls, they sincerely smile at you, address you firstly, ask you about your name and so on, and afterwards, they may offer you their goods for better prices!

But be careful, plenty of thefts occur there daily! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

So, spend your money on some of these things, or let you be robbed by someone (what is better)?


Examples of offered goods:

Clothes, shoes, slippers, boots, jackets, hats, glasses, umbrellas,
Carpets, handbags, briefcases, baggages, watches, clocks
Artistic statues, pictures, postcards from all over the world
Bicycles, Roller-skates,  ice-skates
Tables, chairs, bookshelfs, wardrobes, cupboards, fridges, washing machines,…
Books, magazines
And many others….


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