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Alsur Cafe

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Alsur Cafe, only the best cafe to find in Barcelona

Published by Juliëtte Damen — 3 years ago

While I was studying abroad in Barcelona, we came across this cafe called Alsur. We went in the place of El Born and it is situated on a square, so that's how it got our attention. Outside they have a really nice terras with some ornaments and white parasols, in winter they have some heaters.

When you walk into the restaurant/cafe you will find that the atmosphere is really chill and cool, with a lot of color and original looking pillows and adornments on the wall. The first thing that I noticed of the menu is that they have a lot of original but very tasty choices. I am telling you now that if you ever find yourself in Barcelona, stop by one of these cafés of Alsur and order the Avocado-Cheese-Bacon-Waffle. I have had it over 5 times and it's still the best lunch I've ever had, and get this.. I don't even like bacon!

They also have a huge drinking menu full of smoothies, coffees, teas and other kinds of drinks. Personally, I like the Vanilla Marshmellow Coffee. When they bring this to your table it's honestly a little party. You have your delicious vanilla coffee with marshmellows on top and sprinkles. With 5 coffees on your stampcard, you get the 6th for free!

Another thing is the Red Velvet cake, which is to die for. And they serve you really big chunky pieces of cake.

All the locations of the cafe are great and they also have deli's for takeaway!

Lluria is really close to Plaça Catalunya so very easy to go to if you're only in Barcelona for a limited time. They have a a place at the window, which looks like a big window-sill with colourful pillows which is really nice to sit.

El Born is the biggest one with a nice terras and it's very spacious. This location has a lot of comfy big chairs if you're looking for comfort while having lunch.

Palau is very nice and original, they have big beerbarrels as tables and the staff is very joyful there. This location also has a big elongated bench with a lot of pillows with cute little tables, for some intimacy.

Make sure to stop by!



Alsur Cafe, only the best cafe to find in Barcelona

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