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Restaurant Can Culleretes

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Fast services and tasty food

Published by L Ge — 3 years ago

Restaurant Can Culleretes is said to be the oldest restaurant in Barcelona. I was walking near there one afternoon when I felt hungry, so I decided to give it a try. The restaurant is open from 1.30pm every day. When I arrived there, it was about 1.20pm, and there was a queue in front of it. I stood in the queue until 1.30pm when a lady opened the door.

Fast services and tasty food

I took the photo above when the door was just opened and people started to flood inside. You can see from the photo that the restaurant was 230 years old (last year). The front door looked ordinary and not special at all. Only the queue made it look different from other restaurants nearby. 

Soon I got inside. The lady who was allocating tables to guests was working in a very fast way. Although there were so many people, I didn't wait for a long time until I got a table. And as soon as I sat down, the waitress handed me a menu. After I decided what to order, I raised my hand, and the waitress walked to me as fast as a lightning. After my order was placed, I began looking around the restaurant. The walls were decorated with murals and reliefs, and the tiles on the walls were in the Catalan Art Nouveau style. On the wall beside me was a large relief featuring people in the Middle Ages:

Fast services and tasty food

Soon my salad came:

Fast services and tasty food

It was Iberian ham with vegetables. Everything didn't only looked pretty but also tasted fresh. The olive oil they provided tasted good as well. 

As soon as I ate up the salad, the waitress brought my main course to me:

Fast services and tasty food

It was grilled salmon with potatoes. Although they provided chilli sauce and mayonnaise, I didn't use them because the salmon itself was salty and tasty enough.

After I finished eating, the payment process was as fast as other services they provided. From 1.30pm to the time when I finished my lunch, the restaurant was always full of guests, but the waitresses were doing everything in a timely fashion. I really like this style.

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