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Brunch & Cake! Best Brunch!

Published by Lauren Armstrong — 5 years ago

If you are looking for great breakfast/brunch or lunch Brunch & Cake is the way to go!

Whether your hung over or just want to have brunch with a couple of friends Brunch & Cake can more than satisfy your needs.

There are many different locations of Brunch & Cake all around Barcelona. Some go by different names such as Cup & Cake or Travel & Cake. Travel & Brunch & Cake serve the same food Cup & Cake is a bit smaller and so is their menu. Although they do not have the full menu they have a large array of cupcakes, hence the name Cup & Cake.

Lets start off with these; the cupcakes are to die for! They are so amazing and the flavors are the best! They have oreo, nutella, vanilla, etc.! So many flavors and all so good, the best part is the frosting. Best frosting I have ever had! It melts in your mouth it is so good, they also have cookies and brownies which are amazing too!

Now onto the real food, their menu has many different things from coffees to juices and from amazing pancakes, with your choice of chocolate or fruit on top.

They also have amazing eggs with prosciutto or huge bagels with everything on them!

They also have donuts where they cut it in half and put frosting inside! This is also amazing everything here is amazing! They also serve cakes, which are just as good as the cupcakes, same flavors and frosting as well, so good! Yum!

They have amazing banana bread, which is one of my favorites! My other favorites are the eggs benedict on a waffle! Sounds weird but it is the best thing ever. The waffle is so amazing and no too sweet and paired with the eggs it just taste soo good! I can never get enough of this place, by far my favorite breakfast/brunch place in Barcelona.

But be careful if you go around 12-2 on the weekends you could wait for hours to get a table! It is obviously very popular! Enjoy!

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