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Park Güell

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Park Güell - unmissable!

Translated by Helen Hardy — 4 years ago

Original text by Ana Galvan

When I arrived in Barcelona, I didn´t know what to expect from this huge city. I was thrilled to visit the most beautiful places here, and I was lucky enough to have two native inhabitants as my guides.

The first place that was recommended to me was Park Güell. If I´m honest, I had no idea what it would be like, but from the moment I set foot in the place I knew that it was somewhere I would never forget.

Park Güell - unmissable!

Park Güell was constructed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. It´s undoubtedly the most beautiful park I have ever seen, and a place full of life and colour. While walking through the park, I noticed that all the people around me looked happy! The place was full to the brim with people from all over the globe, people who were there to admire this great work of Gaudí´s.

Park Güell - unmissable!

I was amazed by all the different architectural structures: I´d never seen anything like them before. Not only this was amazing, but also the fact that within the park there were people singing, others painting, and still more trying to entertain the tourists. Park Güell is simply an enchanted place.

Park Güell - unmissable!

Park Güell - unmissable!

I´d like to point out that it´s necessary to dedicate a significant amount of time to visiting Park Güell. As I said before, it´s a beautiful place which is very worth admiring, surrounded by nature, by people, and by art. Truly, it´s impossible not to love Park Güell.

Park Güell - unmissable!

Park Güell - unmissable!

Top tips:

  • Wear comfy clothes, tennis clothes are probably best suited
  • Don´t forget to bring your camera!
  • Carry a bottle of water around with you

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An open air museum

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 3 years ago

Parc Guell is one of the most famous places in Barcelona. You've probably seen pictures of it before: a colorful llizard in from of a colorful staircase sounds familiar? 


The constructions in the park are different that any other in the world, probably because they're made by Gaudí, the same architect who built Sagrada Familia and other important buildings in Barcelona. His work is part of the Modern Art movement and it's known to be very colourful and to resemble nature shapes. 


In Parc Guell there are two houses made by the architect as well as a huge balcony with colorful tiles and curves in the edges from where you can have a great view of the city, since the park is located in a high point of the town. 


Besides architecture, the park is also a great place for enjoying nature and hiking. There are a lot of tropical and beautiful threes and flowers there, as well as hills to climb. 

Many tourists go there everyday, but locals enjoy the space as well. When you're there you'll be able to enjoy the laugh of kids, the barks of dogs and the music of urban artists. 


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