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Cafe de las Artes

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Cafe de las Artes

Published by Natalia Almela Carvajal — 9 years ago

Centrally located bar-pub emblematic of the city, free entrance, eclectic and 80s atmosphere. A meeting point for young artists, where you can exhibit works, performances, monologues, or simply take the best mojito in Barcelona. You can choose the music you want to listen in Spotify, from Wednesday to Saturday at 11 p. m.

"Cafe de las artes" is a downtown pub which is very well-known in Barcelona and there are people of all ages. Also, it's possible to ask for the music that you want, DJ's listen your recommendations.

Come on!

They will be waiting for you from Wednesday to Saturday! They open at 23 p. m.!

Cafe de las Artes

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