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  • Erasmus Housing Barcelona

    During the days I've been in Barcelona I've been able to try many restaurants, including hamburgers. Of all of them, I get one: National Burger Barcelona. I didn't remember such a delicious meat, there could already be something similar in my city. Above it is near the...

    0 by Brendan, 4 years ago
  • Razzmatazz and The Marina district

    Today I want to talk to you about the best club in Barcelona, in my opinion. It is called Razzmatazz and can be found in the Marina district. Firstly, you need to know that this club plays different types of music everyday of the week. For me personally, I think...

    0 by Georgia, 4 years ago
  • Fallas Valencia

    I'm so excited for Las Fallas fire festival coming up in March, I went last year with the Stoke Travel day trip.. it was a crazy trip with many students, they organized the transport and we got to enjoy the festival which is itself a wild tradition, so much fire on the...

    0 by Daniela, 5 years ago
  • Opium Mar, Soho, Otto, Bling Bling, Shoko, Catwalk, Eclipse Hotel W

    Source You can enter the best clubs in Barcelona for free every night. Click here. Give me your name and number of people that you will come with you and name of the club, active list and gain free access by saying this on the door: "Lista Marta Roig". Eclipse Hotel W,...

    0 by Evie, 5 years ago
  • RazzMatazz Club

    I've been to Barcelona last month an it has become one of my favorites locations ever. One of the reasons is its night life, specially RazzMatazz club.  It's a 3 floor club, where you can get lost in dancing and drinking. There's also an outdoors place great for...

    0 by Ethel, 5 years ago
  • La bodeguita de Marisol

    La bodeguita de Marisol is a Catalan-Cuban bar in the heart of the emblematic district of Gracia. Here you can drink the best mojitos in Barcelona, with the best Latin music: salsa, merengue, bachata and the best reggaeton. Every Erasmus who visits on behalf of this...

    0 by Maria , 6 years ago
  • Las Fadas Bar

    Hi guys! Here I leave you a fashion place from Barcelona where you can have a really good time, where you can find days just for you (for Erasmus students), we want that you to find your own, cozy place where you will feel comfortable exchanging ideas with each...

    0 by Krzysztof, 6 years ago

    Location: sector 105, row 8! 200€ - On Thursday 21st July. E-format. This is the only time that Rihanna will be in Spain for the Anti World tour. The seats are very close to the stage. I got the receipt to prove it. I bought 4 but the other couple who was coming cant...

    0 por %s, 7 years ago
  • Sala Razzmatazz

    Hello everyone! (Information in Spanish in another post) Today I am going to talk you about the best night club in Barcelona so far. It is called Razzmatazz and it is located in Marina district. So, first of all, you have to know that this club have different kind of...

    0 by Mireia, 7 years ago
  • Highlight City

    I have been here in Barcelona for 6 months and i have been in nice parties really, but a friend of mine invite me to a party of this company for erasmus students, and I was surprised for the atmosphere they got going there. People from all over the globe just crazy and...

    0 by Carlos , 9 years ago
  • Sotavento Beach-Club

    Best theme parties, the best DJ's on the national scene and the best atmosphere of Barcelona brings together every weekend at Sotavento Beach-Club Bcn!

    0 by Sotavento, 9 years ago
  • Erasmus meeting point 2012 - Barcelona with fun!

     ONE OF OUR STUDENT EXPIERENCES I arrived in Barcelona from New York City in February 2011 to study abroad for a semester in Barcelona. As excited as I was, I was also anxious because my Spanish was not very good and I was coming alone. One of my buddies told me...

    0 by Christina, 11 years ago
  • costa breve

    ONE OF THE BEST CLUBS IN BARCELONA. A SITE WHERE ARE THE BEST COLLEGE PARTY LIST To get on TWITTER OR FACEBOOK FOLLOWhttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405199385      https://twitter.com/#!/javicostabreveLUN DES MEILLEURS CLUBS DE BARCELONE. Un site où...

    0 by Costa, 11 years ago
  • Cafe de las Artes

    Centrally located bar-pub emblematic of the city, free entrance, eclectic and 80s atmosphere. A meeting point for young artists, where you can exhibit works, performances, monologues, or simply take the best mojito in Barcelona. You can choose the music you want to...

    0 by Natalia, 11 years ago

    It became the most important and famous erasmus trip in all Europe. Best prices and parties with Welov (Erasmus) Barcelona!

    0 by rto82, 12 years ago
  • Cyrano bar - with WLE

    Erasmus Barcelona sightseeing- places to visit. WLE take you to all best places to visit in Barcelona for free with professional guides! Don't miss it if you are coming to erasmus in Barcelona. Join US! Source

    0 by rto82, 12 years ago
  • Sotavento club by WELOV guest list

    Erasmus Barcelona Parties exchange foreign students, in Shoko , Sotavento, Sutton... and more... visit the page http://www.erasmusbarcelona.org

    0 by rto82, 12 years ago
  • Sutton the club - by WELOV guest list

    Erasmus Barcelona Parties exchange foreign students, in Shoko , Sotavento, Sutton... and more... visit the page http://www.erasmusbarcelona.org

    0 by rto82, 12 years ago
  • Shoko club by WELOV guest list

    Erasmus Barcelona Parties in Shoko , Sotavento, Sutton... and more... visit the page http://www.erasmusbarcelona.org

    0 by rto82, 12 years ago

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