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Erasmus meeting point 2012 - Barcelona with fun!

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Published by Christina Hanks — 8 years ago


I arrived in Barcelona from New York City in February 2011 to study abroad for a semester in Barcelona. As excited as I was, I was also anxious because my Spanish was not very good and I was coming alone. One of my buddies told me about a website for Erasmus students.

At first I had no idea what Erasmus was, but then I realized it’s the European name for studying abroad. I was so happy to find out about this website. Through it I was invited to an Erasmus meet-up at this awesome bar called Ovella Negra. It was a beer pong tournament which was perfect for me because I was quite well-practiced from college in the states. After the tournament the plan was to go to this crazy club called Sala Razzmatazz, right down the block.

I grabbed my new roommates (one from Germany, one from France) and headed over to the bar. First off, the bar is HUGE and there were beer pong tables everywhere! Not only that, but the crowd was super-international and everyone was there to make friends. It was an amazing social atmosphere. Everybody was looking good too, I have to admit.

I teamed up a guy from Italy, Francisco, and first thing we got our pitchers of beers (which were super-cheap by the way) and played our first match. Luckily Francisco had spend a month in the states a year ago and knew the basics of beer pong.

We destroyed the competition our first match. We got the hot hand and went on a roll, winning several more matches. It was too much fun! Everybody was cheering us on. Before I knew it I had met 40 or 50 students who were really friendly. The atmosphere was so lively!

Our good luck came to an end in the quarterfinals unfortunately. I was having so much fun I barely noticed. By then I was more into chatting with my new friends anyway. We hung out drinking beer and sangria watching the final matches. Once the prizes were handed out, we all went to this amazing club down the street called Sala Razzmatazz. There had to be close to 300 of us!

Upon entering the club we all realized why everyone says it’s the biggest club in Barcelona. The main room itself had to hold 1000 people! It was nice arrive with my new Erasmus friends and also have plenty of locals there. The energy was undeniable. There are a total of 5 rooms and the club itself fits 5000 people! The main room had a live music act, and then about a dozen of us broke off and went exploring around Sala Razzmatazz ourselves.

Each room had a different DJ and we found one room called The Loft where they were playing amazing trance music. We had drinks and danced until 6 AM! What a Saturday night!

My first Saturday night in Barcelona, between beer pong and Sala Razzmatazz, turned out to be one of my most fond memories while studying abroad. I am SO glad I found the site I use their facebook page to stay tuned into all the nightlife action these days, and I am happy to say the friendships I made that night carried into the whole semester, and I still consider most of them amongst my closest friends to this day.

Autor : Gatis Litins

You can find Gatis in Facebook and ask him more questions, but now he lives in Alicante (South of spain)


Where: Ovella Negra + Sala Razzmatazz

When: Saturday, 11 February, 10:30 PM

What: Beer Pong tournament + night clubbing at Sala Razzmatazz

Prize: 50 Euro + FREE entrance to Sala Razzmatazz

Why: Because we love Barcelona, beer pong, and partying!!

Join us this Saturday for the biggest beer pong tournament Barcelona has to offer! Taking place at the always happening bar Ovella Negra (Black Sheep), this is an event not to be missed! has teamed up with with,,, and to outdo last year’s tournament.

First off, we would like to offer a huge congratulations to last year’s winner, Johny Mighy. They took home the gold and a slew of awesome prizes. Over 50 teams participated last year, and we want to again thank everyone who partied with us. Now that we have joined forces, we plan on topping last year’s beer pong tournament.

Ovella Negra is the perfect spot for this event because it is right by the biggest club in Barcelona, SALA RAZZMATAZZ. It’s a 2-minute from the bar to the club, making the beer pong tournament the PERFECT way to pregame before an epic Saturday night at Razzmatazz.

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