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Platja del Bogatell

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Published by Barbara Heitner — 6 years ago

In Barcelona you can find several beaches. Unfortunately I had chance only to visit one of them. We decided not to go to Barceloneta, as it is the closest beach to the city center. So we went a bit farther to Bogatell.


It is not easy to approach it, as metro isn't going along the shore but 600-800 m away from it. We had quite a walk from the Bogatell station to reach the sea. It was in July and the beach was totally full.


It was really hard to find a place for our towels and bags... At least I can say that people were more focusing on getting tanned and playing in shallow water than enjoying the sea itself, so in the water if you went a bit deeper it wasn't uncomfortable at all. We could enjoy the waves 100%.


We also left our bags just on the beach... But I have no idea in general how safe this is. And I can't avoid to share the first impression when we arrived: I have never seen so many topless women at one place before...

You can also find beach volleyball courts if you would like to play. And there are water taps to get rid of the sand before returning to the "civilization".


Along the seashore there is a nice walkway with palms giving you some shadow. Typical for Barcelona beaches, walkways are not only along the seashore but also perpendicular to it. This is because each beach of Barcelona is bordered by two breakwaters, which have been built to protect the sand from erosion but the areas over these constructions also provide you with avenues along the sea. The platform near Bogatell beach is maybe the most crowded one as you can find many bars and restaurants on it and on the other side of it you will see a nice harbour of boats. For some brave people, these breakwaters can serve as trampolins for jumping directly into the deep blue water but I would not reccomend it as some big stones of the breakwaters may not be as deep as they look.


Visiting the beach and any of these bars is a really nice way to relax a bit in the middle of a busy touristic day. If you have more than 2 days in Barcelona and the weather is suitable, I would definitely recommend you to visit the beach, at least for 2-3 hours. You deserve it!

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