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Promenade + Maremagnum

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The promenade and Maremagnum of Barcelona

Translated by Aamena Manga — 3 years ago

Original text by Mireia Ap


Hello again, beauties!

As promised in the previous entry, we are going to continue with some information about the centre of Barcelona. I gave you a summary of what you could find if you went from Paseo de Gracia towards the statue of Columbus, passing by the most important central streets and buildings of this marvellous city. Therefore, I will resume the route at the statue of Columbus.

First of all, this statue is situated less than a kilometre from the port of Barcelona, which is why from here you can hear the seagulls and see them fly over the golondrinas (boats) and the sea. I recommend that if it is a nice day, sunny and warm (which it usually is in Barcelona), you should go on a short tour in a 'golondrina'. If I remember correctly, it is not very expensive and it is to what you are used to doing. And relaxing, of course!


There you will find small houses and stands where you can buy popcorn, waffles, and other sweets. And you will be able to eat them sitting on the stairs that lead towards the sea and the docks. This has been my plan for many Sundays... and oh how I liked it!

Once there, if you cross the bridge, you will find one of the best shopping centres. The Maremagnum. It is the only shopping centre that is open 365 days a year. So, if one day you want to go shopping and it's a Sunday or a holiday, this is where you should go. Or if buying clothes is not your thing, less than a minute away you will also find a cinema, so in this part of Barcelona, there is something for everyone!

Promenade and Maremagnum of Barcelona

If you go towards the left (both from the statue of Columbus and the shopping centre), you will find a path that will take you to the beach of Barceloneta and the famous hotel 'Vela'. You can also get there on the metro from line no. 4 or the yellow line. The stop has the same name as the beach. Although it is not the best of beaches you will find in Barcelona nor in Catalunya, it is good for relaxing in the sand, sunbathing (ahhh, I wish I could do this now! ). And walking. And if you like skateboarding, roller-skating, or riding a bike, there is a big path to do this.

Barceloneta beach


The path joins to another one of the most luxurious hotels of Catalunya, the 'Hotel Arts'. The path also connects to an area of clubs which is popular with foreigners. From both the beach of Barceloneta and from the path, you will find many bars where the speciality is "pescaíto frito" (Fried fish) and seafood, which is enjoyed equally by the locals and foreigners.

Hmmmm… I don’t think I'm forgetting anything, therefore, I will end this entry here. I hope that if you visit my home town, my beautiful Barcelona, that you will consider this as a plan for your Sunday.

I will write very soon with an entry about the neighbourhood of Born or Borne, which is very recommendable and that you must visit if you are visiting or studying in Barcelona.


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