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Breakfast in Gracia No.1

Published by Martina Törngren — 4 years ago

     SMS Delícies

Are you looking for a delicious not over the top breakfast in the locals heart of Barcelona? Look no more as I have tracked down one of the gems for you!

   Long story short..

     - Local
     - Cozy
     - Cheap
     - Friendly service 
     - Simple but yet delicious breakfast

- Short story longer -                                                         

A cafe-restaurant offering simple yet delicious breakfast. Although the breakfast they offer are the basic bread-coffee-tea-muffins they do prepare it in a delicious way. Not only do you have the choice of going with the spanish classic jamon iberico but you can also take your pick from the more exotic menu choosing the SouthAmerican inspired dishes starting your day off with exotic juices or mixes you'll be surprised you'll return for. According to google (and the owner) this is a ´Creative Cooking Restaurant` something I saw after discovering the place myself and to be honest, I couldn't agree more.

Are you a tea person? LUCKY YOU! Here you will find all the classic teas as well as their own mixes, all equally nicely served in small colorfull cast iron kettles on tiny trays. They also create ´seasonal-specials` to really let you take in the atmosphere. 

Are you a coffee person? LUCKY YOU TOO! To all my fellow coffee addicts out there, I found it!! SMS Delicies gives you the quality of spanish coffee with the knowledge of making desent lattes, cappucions etc. (so not only cortados) and they are able to provide it with lactose-free milk which I know can be a problem finding in the typical neighbourhood bars. 

Now, making it clear that this is not the place of the extravagant instagrammers brunch cafes I move on to the interior design...To be quite honest, there is not much more to say than homy. Now I know that people coming from other cultures may not find this as perfect of a word for describing this place as I do but stay with me whilst I explain. The local has the size of most Spanish neighbourhood cafes; small with a long bar presenting the croissants and bocadillos (sandwiches) right by the entry. But with more modern/international touches such as the vintage USA 50th styled chairs, the Scandinavian inspired wooden tables or the open kitchen that has much resemblence to the ones seen in Japanese kitchens.

Thanks to the restaurants small size, the cozy interior design and the super friendly service you really fell welcomed and starting your day off in SMS Delicies is something everyone would enjoy. By looking around on the clientel I would even dare to say that this is a fact as the oldes couple were good abover their 70's and the youngest were girls in their 20's. 


The restaurant opens at 07.30 and has open untill 00.00 with their lunch menu (menu diario) starting at 12.00. Why do I meantion this? Because thanks to this you can stop by to grab a quick coffee on the go, make a european styled brunch any day of the week or go all out if you'd like and turn breakfast into lunch into dinner and even drinks if so wanted. Basically it's a captivating environment that is ready to provide you with all meals of the day with great service and quality! 

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