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  • Chocolate Amatller

    One of the main attractions in Barcelona is the Casa Batlló, on the famous Paseo de Gracia. Next door is another building of lesser fame but no less important, called Casa Amatller. This building was built around 1900 and was the work of a famous Spanish architect, a...

    0 by Emily, 4 months ago
  • Oktoberfest Barcelona

    The 6th edition of Oktoberfest is arriving in Barcelona from the 4th to the 14th of October in La Fira de Montjuic in Barcelona. Free entry. The Oktoberfest Barcelona is organised in the purest German style, with a 5000 m2 large marquee, live music with bands and DJ's,...

    0 by Katy, 11 months ago
  • L'Ovella Negra

    Spending the day in Barcelona is great. Usually sunny, the city has a lot of outside activities, such as La Barceloneta beach, Park de la Ciutadella, Parc Guell and the many tourist attractions. But the nightlife in the city is also amazing!  A great pub to visit while...

    0 by Ethel, 2 years ago
  • Demasie

    Demasie is a sweet shop known for its dessert, especially their cinnamon rolls, and lemonade. I consider it a hidden gem because of its lcoation. It is situated in a daunting street but Demasie is the light of it. Upon entering I was completely fascinated by the layout...

    0 by Shalana, 2 years ago
  • Dublin sport tavern ('Dublins')

    So, carrying on, I'm going to tell you about one of the best-kept secrets of Barcelona's young people. Dublins, or 'Dubs' as it's known among friends. An Irish pub which has a super atmosphere every night. Live music bands make it amazingly good, you can find groups...

    0 by Daniela, 3 years ago
  • The George Payne Irish bar

    The George Payne Irish bar is an Irish pub located in Plaza Urquinaona and is very close to the centre of Barcelona - less than a 2 minute walk. As well as being very well located, it's very big with a large variety of beers and cocktails. It's an enormous...

    0 by Ross, 3 years ago
  • Local Cafe Guide

         SMS Delícies Are you looking for a delicious not over the top breakfast in the locals heart of Barcelona? Look no more as I have tracked down one of the gems for you!    Long story short..      - Local     - Cozy     - Cheap     - Friendly...

    0 by Martina, 3 years ago
  • Exclusive BCN

    Best place ever for a chillout time, Movies, Music, Pool, Ping Pong, Encourages its members to hang out, relax, meet other people, work, share ideas and promote initiatives as entrepreneurs. The place itself will set you in the right mood straight away. After visiting...

    0 by Vik, 4 years ago
  • El Gato Negro (Espit Chupito)

    A night out without a "chupito" (shot) in Barcelona, is not a real night out in Barcelona! In the city you find plenty of bars offering a wide range of different chupitos and today I want to present to you one of my favorites: El Gato Negro. The bar belongs to the...

    0 by Charlotte, 5 years ago
  • Milk

    Milk is such a lovely bar in every way. From the first time I visited, I fell in love.  The decor was so quirky and cute with lots of different pictures hanging on the wall and all of the lovely cushions and chairs and sofas, it definitely provided things to look at...

    0 by Sarah, 5 years ago
  • chulapio bar a crepes

    You could almost walk past this bar and never even notice it, which is unfortunately the case with a lot of small bars everywhere, but once you go inside, you'll wonder how anyone could ever walk by.  The owner and sole barman is such a nice gentleman who makes the...

    0 by Sarah, 5 years ago
  • Bosc de les Fades

    Could you think possible to find a quiet and enchanted place, looking like a fairy tale forest, just a few steps from the Rambla in Barcelona? Probably very few people would have thought it possible...and yet, that it exactly how this unique local called Bosc de les...

    0 by Emanuele, 6 years ago
  • Sagardi

    If you are looking for a trendy and celebrated local where tasty pintxos and appetizers and delicious cocktails are served, Sagardi is probably a good place for you. One of the several locals situated in La Ribera (I admit being particularly fascinated by this...

    0 by Emanuele, 6 years ago

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