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El Gato Negro (Espit Chupito)

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El Gato Negro: Chupitos, fun and more!

Published by Charlotte Mullender — 5 years ago


A night out without a "chupito" (shot) in Barcelona, is not a real night out in Barcelona! In the city you find plenty of bars offering a wide range of different chupitos and today I want to present to you one of my favorites: El Gato Negro.

The bar belongs to the Espit Chupito bars, of which you can find severals in the city, but still is nothing like all the other bars. A night there is not like a normal bar night but always a fun spectacle.

They offer over 300 different shots, all for 2€, which names you can all find written on the wall. Often they have funny names, or names of famous people and as it doesn't say what is in it, so you better be lucky while ordering. Although you can ask the bartenders and they can give you advises if you tell them what kind of shot you would like:

  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Strong
  • Etc.

The special thing about the shots is not only the taste but the show that comes with it. If you are in a group and try out different kind of shots the bar crew delivers a fun show around the shots. So don't be suprised if you see the barkeeper poring shots out of the bottle into people's mouths or the bar suddenly beeing on fire!

My favorite chupito: Marshmallow. You get a marshmallow and a shot, then the barkeeper puts the bar on fire so you can roast your marshmallow, then dip it into the shot, eat the marshmallow, then drink the shot!

So if you are looking for an entertaining night with friends, or a place to have a good time predrinking before a night out, check out this place, it is worth to experience!

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