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Cute and veggie

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 3 years ago

If you're a vegetarian you may know how hard it it to travel with people who eat meat. Most normal restaurants don't have many veggie options and most veggie restaurants are not very appealing for people who eat meat - and they're also hard to find, specially in touristic areas. 

Cute and veggie

Cafe Camelia is an exeption in all of this aspects. It is a cute restaurant, usually very full and very appealing to all diets. They only serve vegeterian meals, but I assure you they are all very tasty

Also, there are many options: from salad to pasta to sandwiches and quiches. They also serve snacks and sweets, such as cakes, pies and other delicious treats. 

Last but not least, the place is very welcoming. Decorated with cute flowered tables, colorful chandelliers. 

It is a great place to have lunch or a coffee during the afternoon. It is open from 9h30 am to midnight every day. 

Cute and veggie


Cafe Camelia is located in Gracia neighbourhood, a really cool region in Barcelona, with cute colourful houses and many trees. Also, it is in the half way from Sagrada Familia to Park Guell, two major tourist attractions in the city, so if you're visiting Barcelona, it is a great place to stop by. 

You can get there by foot from Sagrada Familia (about 20 minutes walking), which I reccomend because that way you can get to know the hole neighbourhood. Or you can go by subway. The closest station is Fontana. 


Another great thing about the restaurant is the price! It is not really cheap but it is totally fair for the food quality - almost all ingredients are organic, they assured me! If you choose to have the daily menu, it will cost 11 euros and it includes starters, main dish and dessert (or drink, as you prefer). 

The individual dishes costs from 5 euros (if you prefer to have a sanduich, quiche or just starters) to 12 euros. 

What to order

I got the daily menu, but my friend ordered a salad. I tasted all dishes and they were all delicious! 

Cute and veggie

I had hummus with toast and vegetables for starters, a orange and mint tea and a cooked corn meal for main dish. My friend had the goat cheese salad. Amazing! 

Cute and veggie

Cute and veggie

They also serve natural juices and other food options, but the ones I chose were great! 

I'm looking forward to coming back there, and you should too! 

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