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La Tasqueta de Blai Pincho Bar

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Pincho heaven in La Tasqueta de Blai

Published by Charlotte Mullender — 5 years ago


The street "Calle de Blai" is my absolute favorite place to go eat tapas in Barcelona. It is a little street between the metro stops of Poble Sec and Parallel, where you find one little tapas place next to the other! There are so many that you actually never know which one to chose so I am going to present you my favorite here: La Tasqueta de Blai.

First of all I will have to correct myself because it is not really a place to eat tapas, but to eat "pinchos"! Pinchos are also small delicacies which are attached with a cocktail stick to a piece of bread.

If you walk through the street you will see tons of pinchos nicely arranged on the bars. Most of the time they only cost one Euro per piece, which is a lot cheaper than you will find it anywhere else in the city. Also you often get a "caña" (a little beer) for one Euro as well.

It is a pretty busy place.. if you go in high season the street will be packed with people, sitting in the middle of the street, standing in front of the bars and fighting their ways to the front of the bar to get more pinchos and drinks.

But in Calle de Blai you will not only find tourists like in other parts of the city. The audience is really mixed and also a lot of local people find their way here to enjoy nice evenings with friends. I would even say that those people who are not Spanish, still live in the city because the street is not known by many tourists. It is more like a local secret spot, that is not thaaat secret anymore!


The most packed and visited bar is nearly always La Tasqueta de Blai, which is also my favorite one! It is pretty small, so if you really want to get one of the few seating spots better be there early! The pinchos there are really delicious and are being filled up freshly through the whole evening. If you want to eat pinchos you can just serve yourself on a plate and keep the cocktail picks after your done. They will be counted at the end and you pay one Euro per piece. Next to the load of people visiting this place another minus for me would be that sometimes the music is pretty loud, so it's hard to have real proper conversation. But who needs to talk anyways, eating such delicacies right?!

To end now my two favorite things to eat at La Tasqueta de Blai: a pincho with goat cheese, eggplant and tomato paste and for desert the local treat: crema catalana! Perfeeeeect!


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