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Playa Nova Icaria

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A beach in Barcelona where you can play beach volleyball

Translated by Ria Kakkad — 3 years ago

Original text by Héctor Mira

Many of the tourists who come to Barcelona, if not all, do so due to the good weather of the city, and I am sure the Erasmus students do the same, which is why I am informing you all about a different beach in the middle of Barcelona, where you can have a great time.

Are you a fan of sport? Do you like beach volleyball?, if the answer is yes you have found the most suitable place to play/watch big games. Nova Icaria beach is situated very close to the centre of Barcelona and is very well located, with easy access to the metro (line 4, stop "Ciutadella/Bogaell") and buses (lines 6, 36, 41, 92 and 141).

A beach in Barcelona where you can play beach volleyball

In this beach there are 4 networks placed by the City Council, which is used by the public and always have people playing. Also, there are many people who set up their own pitches so if you want to play volleyball with people who know how to play, this is the right area.

The area is usually clean, both the water and sand, unlike other beaches in Barcelona.

The area is surrounded by places to eat or drink. It is close to "baretos", small bars, on the port. Amongst them, there is a kebab shop where you can eat a very good one for 4-5 euros. There is also a Pan's and McDonald's for those who love fast food.

It is relatively far from La Barceloneta zone so it isn't usually so busy like the other beaches. If you want to go to a beach in Barcelona, this is it.

They usually do tournaments in the area, hopefully you will be able to participate in one!

I hope you enjoy your experience in this beach, do not hesitate to comment your opinion.

I have posted a super cool photo here taking part in a match, unfortunately we didn't win...

But we had a great time!

A beach in Barcelona where you can play beach volleyball

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