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Razzmatazz and The Marina district

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Razzmatazz and The Marina district

Translated by Georgia Adams — one year ago

Original text by Mireia Ap

Today I want to talk to you about the best club in Barcelona, in my opinion. It is called Razzmatazz and can be found in the Marina district.

Firstly, you need to know that this club plays different types of music everyday of the week. For me personally, I think Wednesdays are the best day to go because it is when all the internationals go there. So, in this post I am going to focus on this particular day.


On Wednesdays in Razzmatazz you will be able to dance to pop songs all night long. So, if you are a pop lover, like myself, it will be perfect for you! They play the most recent hits, all the way back to the hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Additionally, it is a great day to go because if you have an ESN membership card you can get discounts on drinks and free entry until a certain time (Around 1am or 2am from what I remember). So, as you can imagine, it is pretty full of internationals which is always great fun!

If you go on other days you may find all 3 rooms open, but on Wednesdays there is only the main floor open. It is quite big though, so there is no need to worry :) There is also a terrace on the top floor for those who smoke during the night, so there is no need to go outside to the street and re-pay to get in (up until 3am you don't even need to get a stamp).

I also want to talk to you a little more about the Marina district. It is located on the L1 metro line and here you will discover around 20 streets packed with both stylish and alternative bars. You will find large numbers of people here over the weekend, but if you fancy a beer with friends during the week you will come across some open bars for sure. It is not the best neighbourhood in Barcelona aesthetically, but it is where you can get the cheapest drinks and enjoy the company of your friends.

Right, that's all from my post today. Thank you again for reading! I will write to you again soon.

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