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  • Blog

    Going on a night out in Birmingham

    Well, I don't know if you are aware, but Birmingham is a university city; for that reason, it has such a great student lifestyle. You won't ever get bored here. Pubs to go to Sacks of Potatoes: this pub is at the Aston University campus. If you take out a student card...

    0 by Holly in Erasmus blog Birmingham, 1 day ago
  • Experience

    Exploring Italy

    Italy Well, today I'm dedicating this post to tell you all about my school trip to this Mediterranean country. From pasta, the good climate and its tourism, of course I'm talking about beautiful Italy. Six years have gone by since I went on this trip, and I've always...

    0 by Holly in Erasmus experiences Rome, 2 days ago
  • Blog

    Malaga in two days

    Malaga in two days Date of the trip I went to Malaga from 18th to 20th June 2018 to meet my brother. Reasons for going on the trip I was an Erasmus student in Granada for 6 months and my brother wanted to visit me. The flights from Brussels were cheaper to Malaga than...

    0 by Holly in Erasmus blog Malaga, 4 days ago
  • Experience

    Experience in Malaga, Spain by Giada

    What is living in Malaga like? Would you recommend it? Malaga is the perfect city to live in if you're an Erasmus student due to its climate, the people and the city itself, which is beautiful. I would recommend visiting it, but I would especially recommend living there...

    0 by Holly in Erasmus experiences Malaga, 5 days ago
  • Experience

    My experience in Ferrara.

    Why did you choose Ferrara, Italy? I didn't actually choose Ferrara, it was chosen for me. I didn't really know whether to do an Erasmus year abroad or not but in the end, I decided to go for it, without thinking too much into it. I didn't have many options because...

    0 by Holly in Erasmus experiences Ferrara, 6 days ago
  • Blog

    Cabo de Palos and Calblanque Regional Park

    Cabo de Palos, home to a fishing village, is situated in Cartagena, southeast in the Murcia region. It's about 80 kilometres from the city Murcia, just before you get to la Manga del Mar Menor. It's a small village full of little bays which are well looked after, ideal...

    0 by Holly in Erasmus blog Murcia, 7 days ago
  • Place

    Caminito del Rey

    Warning: If you suffer from vertigo, don't look at the photos! Jokes aside... The Caminito del Rey is considered by many as quite dangerous and there are many legends about the loss of some hikers who attempted it. From my experience I can confirm that it isn't as...

    by Holly in What to do Malaga, 7 days ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Gloucester, England by Andrea

    Why did you choose Gloucester, England? To improve my English. How long was the experience? How much money did you receive from the grant? 3 months and around €1000. Bearing in mind the living cost there, it wasn't even enough to pay for the rent, so I managed to find...

    1 by Holly in Erasmus experiences Gloucester, 7 days ago
  • Blog

    Travelling around Andalusia

    During my year in Seville, I had the chance to travel a bit around Andalusia. Every weekend, the Erasmus society organised excursions. I didn't just take part in one excursion with the group, I went on other trips with small groups, family and good friends. Gibraltar, a...

    0 by Holly in General, 9 days ago
  • Blog

    (D5) Erasmus in Venice: markets, snacking and making music

    Dear Venice, I was informed that there were different markets in the city, and I was pleased to see that many of them were organic. As I've always had a healthy lifestyle and respect towards the environment, I decided to walk long the Rio Terà dei Pensieri (a river in...

    0 by Holly in General, 9 days ago
  • Blog

    (D6) Erasmus in Venice: Welcome Day at my host university (IUAV)

    Dear Venice, Today was a day I couldn't wait for: the Erasmus students Welcome Day at my host university (IUAV)! The first step to university I got lost along the way (so I was went behind the building hier matin en allant au marché 'yesterday morning on the way to...

    0 by Holly in General, 10 days ago
  • Place

    Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture)

    The House of Culture, as defined by its name, is a place dedicated to promoting cultural and artistic activities. From dance, music and cinema to literature and paintings. This is the place to visit if you want to see concerts and exhibitions, but at the same time you...

    by Holly in What to see Puebla, 10 days ago
  • Blog

    How to use the tram in Tenerife.

    Although it's likely that in your hometown you'll be more used to the tram system, it will obviously have its differences when using it in another part of the world. On the occasional chance that you might use it, it would be a good idea to read this article on how to...

  • Place


    It's a city in the north of Andalusia, situated in the province of Malaga. This town has a history based on fishing, and the market from the first conquerors of the peninsula. In terms of culture, you can visit a wide variety of places, from parks, squares and...

    by Holly in What to see Malaga, 11 months ago
  • Place


    If you’re travelling through Andalusia, especially if you find yourself in Malaga, it’s worth visiting Frigiliana, a village so beautiful yet so small you can explore all of it in just one morning. This village is a true hidden gem in the province of Malaga, only...

    by Holly in What to see Malaga, 11 months ago

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