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The beautiful Clervaux

Hi everyone! How are you?

A little while ago I went to Luxembourg with some friends and not only did we love the capital, but also the other different places we visited; one of these places was Clervaux. It's true that we didn't spend enough time in this city like we should have, but I hope this post reflects a little bit of its charm.

la-preciosa-clervaux-9a45ed83bd2cbc05f61View of Clervaux

What to see in Clervaux?

This city is in the north of Luxembourg, and it's lovely. As well as "The Family Man", which is a magnificent exhibition of photographs by Edward Steichen, this place has a beautiful church and a castle.

la-preciosa-clervaux-0b678a60d11aecd32a8The Church of Clervaux

la-preciosa-clervaux-da72d1a51b7b7dc1aa0The church

The castle, which you can visit, has a museum with things all about the Second World War.

la-preciosa-clervaux-73690289174168b2932View of the Castle, Clervaux

If at any time you decide to come to this pretty city and you have enough time, I recommend visiting the Saint-Maurice Abbey (of course, if you go, make sure to take lots of photos and show me after!).

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