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Hi everyone! Continuing with my trips as an Erasmus student in Belgium, in this post I'm going to write about my experience in the Belgian capital: Brussels.

What to see in Brussels?

All journeys in Brussels always start in the same place: la Grand-Place or Grote Markt, the most famous square in the city. This square is surrounded by various buildings, like the Town Hall the Guild Houses and the King's House ("Broodhuis" or "Bread Hall").

BrusselsView of the King's House in the Grand-Place

BrusselsView of some of the Guild Houses

Not too far from there, you'll see the famous Manneken Pis, that little boy having a wee was dressed in purple, well at least the day I got the pleasure of seeing it. He's, perhaps, the most famous symbol of Brussels and there are many different legends about this figure. Another thing to see, if you have time, could be the Jeanneje Pis, the female version of that funny little boy.

BrusselsThe Menneken Pis

In terms of churches and cathedrals, the Cathedral of Brussels, the Cathedral of St. Michael and St Gudula ("Cathédrale Saint-Michel et Sainte-Gudule”), the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Notre Dame du Sablón church and the Sainte Catherine church all stand out.

BrusselsThe Cathedral of Brussels

Other places to see include the European Parliament and the Saint Hubert Gallery, which were the first shopping arcades in Europe.

Some distance from the historic centre of the city, you'll find the Atomium, which has an amazing view, which unfortunately I wasn't able to go and see as I didn't have enough time (so now I have an excuse to go back).

Going for a drink in Brussels

Of course, I can't miss out my visit to the Delirium Tremens brewery, with the best beer in the whole world for some. There's a wide range of beers, and although I recommend going at least once, I would say that it ended up being quite expensive.

BrusselsA couple of beers in the famous brewery

Brussels at Christmas

When I visited the city, it was in December and therefore, there were lots of different Christmas markets on in some of the squares and streets. At the markets, you can enjoy trying the sweets, waffles and crepes as well as the "glühwein", a traditional mulled wine.

BrusselsAt the Christmas market in Brussels

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