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Erasmus blog Berlin

  • Flights to Berlin

    As I said yesterday, I'm from Valencia, and I'm looking for flights and the thing seems to be complicated. I think I'm going to choose Alicante-Memingen, and then a train to Berlin... Some economic options (this flight is 50 euros with luggage and everything, plus 20...

    0 by Linda, 2 months ago
  • How to survive in Berlin

    Hello people Today, I will try to share with you some useful tips about how to survive in Berlin. To begin with, I had an opportunity to live and work here for 3 months and want to thank Erasmus and the University of Tartu for the opportunity to visit one of the most...

    0 by Mykola, 3 months ago
  • Berlin - Tips for travelling.

    Berlin - not alone I arrived in Berlin for the first time luckily for  me, my friend, Chau is currently studying information technology in Berlin, thanks to Chau, I am more comfortable to explore the vast Berlin. My first impression with one of the biggest city in...

    2 by Hoàng, 3 months ago
  • Berlin

    As a student of ESCP Europe Business School, I got the opportunity to study in two of its six campuses in different semesters. I studied in the Paris and Berlin campuses. Since the minimum duration in each of the campuses is one semester, which is around 4 months, I got...

    0 by Kriya, 5 months ago
  • Berlim

    I like Berlin, it is a very big city with lots to do and see. I have been so lucky to visit twice, in Winter (January) and Spring (March), both short trips. Berlin's history shows everywhere, wall remains, memorials, museums.. My Berlin travel in pictures Berlin...

    0 by Madalena, 6 months ago
  • A free tour around Berlin, what are we going to see? Completely recommendable!

    On our second day in Berlin, we decided to take the maximum advantage. I had seen on the internet that there are free tours which are quite recommendable; they are called "Free Walking Tours" because they consist of only walking and cities such as Berlin provide this...

    0 by Ross, 7 months ago
  • Hallo, Berlin!

    Hello all! Our last day of the American 3 week Summer Programme consisted only of traveling. Our journey home started around 3:00 a. m, and we arrived next day evening to Budapest. First, we traveled from Rochester to Manhattan by train. From Manhattan to JFK (New York...

    0 by Dóra, one year ago
  • Eurotrip #3: Berlin

    Hi everyone! Continuing with my account of my November spent travelling, today I'll be talking about a four day trip I made to Berlin with some of my flatmates mid-November. I'd already visited before before in 2008, but I was keen to visit this huge city again and get...

    0 by Helen, one year ago
  • Tips for learning German

    If you want to learn German, you should remember that it's a difficult language. Most people who have learned more than two languages find German to be a language whose difficulty can be classified as high. Considered from a grammatical point of view, German is...

    0 by Helen, one year ago
  • Around Berlin

    One girl and four guys here we go to Berlin! We get there by train from Wroclaw. I think we have spent like 35€ per way. Well, it wasn'nt the cheapest journey but it was the first time we were travelling from Poland to somewhere and we just wanted to go on a trip. So...

    0 by Lucia, 5 years ago
  • How much I love Berlin

    I'm pleased to introduce you all in the most beautiful, amazing, breathtaking place all over the world: Berlin, the capital of Germany! I think lots of tourists come to visit this city and take so many pictures, but nobody, in my opinion of course, has experienced it...

    0 by Isabella, 5 years ago

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