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Erasmus blog United Kingdom

  • Undergraduate Grading System in the UK: How does it work?

    I went on Erasmus to Cardiff last year. It was my first time studying abroad and I wasn’t sure about how things would work or how UK universities ran.  Countless questions were bugging me and among them, one was always at the back of my mind: would the grades be that...

    0 by Silvia, 2 days ago
  • 10 things to do in Aldeburgh

    With its charming pastel-coloured houses, long pebbled beach, and thriving food scene, Aldeburgh is one of the most enchanting towns on the Suffolk coast. Packed with things to do and sights to see, it’s a holiday destination loved by children and adults alike, and as...

    0 by Madeline, 4 days ago
  • London's underground part 1

    London's underground - introduction Source In this post I will tell you more or less how tube works in London, in my opinion you can get crazy, I wasn't patient enough, especially at the beginning. I prepared several posts about it. Besides, I would like you to know...

    0 by Magda, 5 months ago
  • 21 things I don't like about the UK

    Hello again, everyone! We all know that moving to another country is never an easy task, nor is it for the faint-hearted. A different culture, gastronomy, timings, traditions, customs, habits, language... For this reason, in today's blog post I am going to tell you...

    0 by Kate, 5 months ago
  • 21 things I love about the UK

    Hello everyone! Yesterday, I made a list about everything I don't like about the UK and explained them. Today, to compensate, I am creating a list of things that I love about this country. Let's start! Like Hugh Grant said in "Love Actually": the UK is the country of...

    0 by Kate, 9 months ago
  • England summary

    My  trip to UK made me think about different things, such as how good is International Relations, diplomacy, making friends, being a part of other, foreign country for some time and see everything with your eyes… when I askedAlice what she thinks about international...

    0 by Sal, 3 years ago
  • Trip to UK. The beginning

    I always wanted to go to England _ from my childhood… how was I supposed to know I’d go there in my 10-th year in school?! Wow! That was really fascinating… I always dreamed about walking on the green grass of UK and looking at old, medieval buildings, castles…...

    0 by Sal, 3 years ago

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