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Erasmus blog Guadalajara

  • Durón (Guadalajara) 2 of 2

    The streets in the village It's true that Durón is very small, and although it has beautiful places to go for long walks and even not to bump into anyone, it's impossible to get lost. In fact, we can go on a little walk along some of the most popular streets: Mensones...

    0 by Holly, one year ago
  • Durón (Guadalajara) 1 of 2

    Trip to Durón Durón is a village in Guadalajara, situated near Cifuentes and Sacedón to give you an example of the most well-known villages. My grandfather on my mother's side was born in this small neck of the woods on the bank of the reservoir Entrepeñas, and...

    0 by Holly, one year ago
  • Lavender Fields in Brihuega

    Last summer I had the opportunity to attend the Lavender Festival in Guadalajara. My family and I spent some time in the city because we have relatives there. This festival takes place in a small village called Brihuega, celebrating the beginning of the harvest. As in,...

    0 by Jasmin, 3 years ago

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