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  • SeaEO Tours

    We had a blast of a tour. The guides are super cool. experience is well organized. Saw several dolphins groups and diferente species. It was a wonderfull experience and can only recommend SeaEO Tours, and their love of sharing the wild dolphins you can see in the Ocean...

    0 , 4 months ago
  • DejaVu

    If you are a dart or snooker lover, then you should come to this place. It is a place that is full of students, it is where people gather to see football games, drink a beer and smoke smoke some cigars. Some even study in it, others just go for the snooker and darts. It...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Fitness Hut and Lemon Fit

    Low cost gyms are the best alternative for someone who would like to exercise during your stay in Lisbon without having to pay a large amount of money. I present you two low cost gyms present in Lisbon that offer conditions for the practice of physical exercise: Fitness...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Miosótis

    Are you looking for 100% biological food? A place that gathers all diets and offers an incredible variety of products? A place where you can learn more about food and have a meal with your friends? Then check Miosótis out! Introduction Miosótis is a Portuguese...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • A Vida Portuguesa

    If you are looking for a place to buy something typical from Portugal, something distinct, Portuguese created and manufactured, then you could go to A Vida Portuguesa, a store specifically focused in Portuguese traditional products. If you happen to pass by Intendente,...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Bike Pop

    Are you looking for a bike to rent? Maybe one of those Brompton's that fit everywhere? Or maybe you would just like to go for a ride for a day, or for your whole Erasmus stay? Here you have a place located in a renewed square in Lisbon and it is called Bike Pop. What...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Bookshop Bivar

    Bookshop Bivar is a second-hand English bookstore and cultural center located in the heart of Lisbon. Most books cost between 5 and 7 euros and genres you can find here are varied such as: general fiction, classics, sci fi and fantasy, non-fiction, crime & thrillers,...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Instituto Superior Técnico, Palácio das Galveias e Caleidoscópio

    I present you three different places to study, two free of entry, and one reserved only to the University of Lisbon students. If you live near Alameda or Saldanha, or near to Campo Pequeno and Campo Grande, these can be very useful! Instituto Superior Técnico -...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Jardim do Campo Grande

    Jardim do Campo Grande is the biggest park in the center of Lisbon, and also one with centuries of history, being the stage of historical events at least since the 14th century! Nowadays it is a good place for jogging and biking, studying and relaxing, although it is a...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Sintra Beaches

    Between the portuguese people you will meet in Lisbon the answer to this question will never be the same "Which is the best beach around here"? Some people prefer the huge sand beaches of Costa da Caparica, others prefer to sunbath in the fancy beaches of Cascais or...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês

    Have you ever been in one of those places where you feel the nature itself? Where you see its beauty in its most natural shape? This is one of those places! If you are going to do Erasmus in Portugal, it doesn't matter the city, it is such a small country, that you...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • LX Factory

    This is a place under the April 25th bridge frequently used by artists. It's a very well-known place among art students because several exhibitions and art related workshops take place there throughout the year, It is also a great place to walk around with friends and...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Ale Hop shop

    Ale Hop is one of the best stores, where you can find funny (and useful) gifts for your friends, situated both in Portugal and in Spain. In Lisbon, there are several Ale Hop stores, the two that I have visited most frequently, are situated in Baixa – Chiado and in the...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • Centro comercial Colombo

    If you like shopping, or just want to hang out on a rainy day, this place is great! It's so big the halls have street names and with a few hundred shops you will find anything here. There are also a lot of restaurants and a cinema and a bowling. There's nothing you...

    0 , 9 years ago

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