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100 % Biological Groceries

Published by Bernardo Nunes

Are you looking for 100% biological food? A place that gathers all diets and offers an incredible variety of products? A place where you can learn more about food and have a meal with your friends? Then check Miosótis out!


Miosótis is a Portuguese Biomarket open since 2007 located in Picoas. It has a large area dedicated to biological products and its variety is immense, from natural cosmetics, to plants, and home accessories made from sustainable production.

It works closely with hundreds of national producers, offering a wide choice of fresh and high quality products daily, valuing Portuguese agriculture above all.

Every Diet is Welcome

Miosótis is a place for every diet, a space of variety and quality, with 100% biological food.

I usually come here because it is the biggest biological market I know and the variety here is bigger. It is where I usually buy asparagus, mushrooms, and Brazil nuts with a really good price.

Besides Food Groceries

Here you can even leave your old school books if you have no more use for them. They will go for those in need. It is usual to have plants for sale at the entrance, and you can also see the portraits of some suppliers in the entrance's walls as you enter the place.

There is an auditory where workshops, talks and gatherings are made envolving diet topics and healthy cooking. It is also the stage of artistic activities.

Here you have free parking for bikes and motorcycles. Automobiles have free parking too, but only for purchases above 15€ and for 120 minutes.

Restaurant and Cafeteria

A restaurant and cafeteria are also present. All diets can come here to eat. The restaurant offers different soups, vegetarian and fish main courses, natural juices and drinks. It is open from 12:30 to 16:00. The cafeteria offers coffee, tea, vegetable drinks, natural juices, shots, desserts & cake, snacks and light meals. Opening hours are from 09:00 to 20:00.

Their website offers recipes for every diet and meal course. A BioDictionary is also available with a description of many different foods, such as where they come from and its uses.

Try this biomarket out!

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