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Martim Moniz

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A International Square in Lisbon

Published by flag-pt Bernardo Nunes — 5 years ago

This square is located in the end of Avenida Almirante de Reis and is also the continuation of the cultural variety of the avenue.

Here you can find lots of bars, caffes, restaurants and markets. There is a really nice rooftop that overlooks the square and the Saint George Castle and that is very hip. Just stand in the middle of the square and look around. You will find a some red neon letters spelling "bar" and it is there. Enter the place and find music, a terrace, a nice place to hang out and to drink.


This square also has sporting activities that are not official, but are part of its resident's culture. I once saw some asian men playing cricket in the rain and having fun, right in the middle of the square.

A International Square in Lisbon

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