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Restaurante A Vela - Associação Regional de Vela do Centro

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A Great Place to Eat Seafood

Published by Bernardo Nunes

Do you like fish? Then I have a place for you. At "A Vela" (The Boat Sail in translation) you can find really good quality fresh fish meals while enjoying an incredible view over the Tagus River.


Appropriate for Vegans With a Family

I have come here for many years with my family. We even know the owners, and although I have recently changed to a vegan diet there is always something for me to eat and enjoy a tasty meal with my family. Although it is not their specialty, they always find something to please me.


Lots of Variety in Their Menu

Fish here includes twig, codfish, golden Bream, salmon, tuna, sea bass, turbot and many others. You also have really great sidings (which is what I eat most as a vegan) such as Esparregado (a mix of turnip, spinach and other vegetables, cooked and mashed and then seasoned with garlic and olive oil), Broccoli salted with garlic and olive oil, mixed salad with lettuce, tomato and onions, peppers with vinaigrette, greens, roasted potatoes, Açorda (a mix of bread, onions, garlic, eggs, olive oil and parsley that is mashed), tomato rice, and many others.

The View

The view makes the meal even more incredible. The Tagus beautifies the moment, and you can always finish your meal with a walk along it. You are next to the electricity museum and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, which is really near to Belém and the Torre de Belém.


How to Get Here

To get there catch a bus or ride a bike along the Tagus, you just have to follow the river into the sea and you will eventually arrive there!


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