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Published by Beatriz Tavares — one year ago

If you're either a portuguese resident, an erasmus student here or even just a student still considering your options you should definitely know about this place. 

By now you must be wondering what the hell does MAAT mean and well. let me tell you, MAAT stands for Museum of Arts, Architecture and Technology. 

This museum is relatively new, since it opened just a coupe years ago (2016) and it brings Lisbon a fresh air of modern architecture to contrast with all those historic monumens this city is so filled with.

I'm a suspicious person to talk about modern archiecture since I'm absolutely fascinated by it, however this place really is one of a kind! Not so much for the exhibits or the collections but for what's outside: the rooftop, and the best part is that you can get to know this rooftop and not spend a single euro! Here you'll have one of Lisbon's most breathtaking views: the stunning 25th of April Bridge. If you're still not convinced just imagine seeing a sunset here then make a 10 minute walk to the gardens of Belém, I can't really imagine a better way of spending a summer night!

Now that you've read this and got to know a little bit about this incredible place, come see it for yourself!

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