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Chinese Pavilion

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Chinese Pavilion

Translated by Hannah Mactear — 3 years ago

Original text by Mercedes Sissa

The Chinese Pavilion is for those who would love to go in through the door of reality and exit through the door of fables.

This big "bar" installed in the 20th century building hides an enormous collection of various antiquities, amongst them clocks, toys, planes, carpets, posters, statues and chinaware almost all curiously stored behind glass windows in the hope of being appreciated.

The café/bar itself maintains a vintage style worthy of the 1920s, with comfortable sofas and lots of activity.

The menu offers a huge array of cocktails, teas and coffees as well as beers from various origins and of various types.

The clients coming from all over the world are as varied as the image of the pavilion itself.

There is a big billiard table in one of the rooms and a ceiling filled with little airplanes suspended by string.

The prices are high so for us students who want to go frequently it's a good idea to drink a lot! It's important to get there early since it's always quite busy.

Curiosity: The British politician Tony Blair goes to the Chinese Pavilion.

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