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A Vida Portuguesa

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Buying a Portuguese Gift for Christmas

Published by flag-pt Bernardo Nunes — 5 years ago

If you are looking for a place to buy something typical from Portugal, something distinct, Portuguese created and manufactured, then you could go to A Vida Portuguesa, a store specifically focused in Portuguese traditional products.


If you happen to pass by Intendente, you will notice a big entrance saying "A Vida Portuguesa" (which means "The Portuguese Life"). That entrance leads you to a big store, with two floors full of Portuguese traditional products.

Some History

The store was born in 2007 out of an investigation from journalist Catarina Portas about old and traditional Portuguese products: those already known for many decades, those that maintained their original packages or still get inspiration from them, and those still fabricated in a good amount. Over the last four years "A Vida Portuguesa" has searched, from the North to the South of Portugal, products of Portuguese creation and manufacture.

Product Variety

Products include perfumes, table & kitchen accessories, books, children toys, clothes & shoes, jewellery, garden accessories, boxes & baskets, household linen, stationery shop, drugstore, chocolates, teas, flour, olive oil, typical drinks such as "ginginha" and "groselha", blankets, and so many more! The store is huge, and has a very distinct architecture, organization and decoration.




Stores are present in Lisbon and Porto. The ones in Lisbon can be found in Chiado, Intendente and Mercado da Ribeira, although the described here is in Intendente.

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