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Fabrica de Pastel de Belém

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Pray before eating

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

If you know anything about portuguese cuisine you have probably heard about Pasteis de Nata, a typical sweet that look like a mini pie with puff pastry stuffed with a cream made of eggs, sugar, milk and cinnamon. Simply delicious! 

Pray before eating

Almost every portuguese bakery of cafe will serve this snack, but the best one with no doubt is in Fabrica dos Pasteis de Belem (or Pasteis de Belem factory). It is located in Belem neighbourhood, where you'll also find important monuments such as Belem Tower and Jeronimo's Monastry, and it is a must go (or eat) in Lisbon! 

It is probably the most famous bakery in Portugal, and the fame is justified because the sweets are simply amazing! The place was actually where the pasteis de nata were invented - that's why many people think the real name of the dish is Pasteis de Belem, so it has the best recipy. I'm sure you'll love it (and it is impossible to eat only one). 

Pray before eating


The bakery is there for more than 200 years and the recipy has never changed. It was built by the monks of Jeronimo's Monastry after the religious orders were expelled from the country. They needed to survive and get money without the order, so they founded the Pasteis de Belem factory. 

Pray before eating

Therefore, it is a religous bakery. In many cultures it is common to pray before eating, but in this case you'll feel like praying while eating because it is soooo delicious! 

Useful information

Also, the pasteis de Belem are really cheap - each one costs about 1,10 euros and for more 90 cents you can have a coffee to drink. If you want something salty as well, have some Codfish pasteis (other traditional portuguese snack). 

The bakery is open everyday from 8am to midnight and it's crowded almost all the time! If you want to eat there, you'll have to watch for empty tables. If you want to take away, you'll face a big line (but it doesn't take that long). I prefered to eat there to enjoy the scenery while tasting the pasteis. 

To get to Belem from Lisbon center you can get a bus or a train from Cais do Sodre station. It will cost around 2 euros for the ticket. 

Pray before eating

Also, while you're there don't miss Belem Tower and Jeronimo's monastry. The neighbourhood also has nice museums to visit! Enjoy! 

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