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Restaurante Terra

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A Vegan Restaurant for Everyone

Published by Bernardo Nunes — one year ago

Are you eager to eat a buffet full of vegetarian and vegan food? Do you like to try new combinations, new dishes, and eat until you are satisfied? Then you should come to Restaurante Terra in Lisbon, a place that not only serves food, but a whole experience, with classical music playing while you eat in rooms surrounded by cultural artifacts owned by the restaurant owners, and a private garden where you can eat outside!

Some History

Today I went to a really good vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Príncipe Real area in Lisbon, whose name is Terra. Having won many gastronomic contests and considered by me as one of the best vegan restaurants in Lisbon, it is situated in a pink building very near to all the Bairro Alto fun. The restaurant is spacy and its decoration is made of portuguese traditional furniture and asian artifacts offered by the restaurant owners's trips.




Moreover, it has a garden outside with century old trees and fresh air. Do not worry if it is cold outside, this garden is heated so you can also enjoy it in the winter! Last, but not least, they provide a classical music soundtrack to your meal, which gives a distinct taste to the whole experience. Check out their website for more information on the restaurant's history, and check out their guest book with some famous people quotes on the restaurant. Moby says that "Terra has a fantastic vegan buffet! ".


The Experience

As soon as I entered I was amused by their decoration, so calm and relaxing. I had no problem in finding a table for me and my parents, the restaurant staff were really nice when I asked if I could take some pictures and write about the restaurant and even gave me a card with their number if I needed any more information.

Then it was eating time. The variety here is amazing. There were spinach salads, cucumber and pepper salads, corn salads, carrot salads, couscous, "cogumelos à Bulhão Pato" (mushrooms with garlic, olive oil, white wine, coriander and lemon), black beans with white rice, chickpeas, tofu with curry sauce, guacamole, purple cabbage, beetroots, soy croquettes, brown beans, cooked spinach with garlic and olive oil, and many more! When you look at it, it is a true raimbow of colours and flavors!



I ended up eating three plates, and they were so good that I did not remember to take a picture with a full plate. I only remembered halfway the second plate, so I am sorry that it does not look that good, but I assure you that the food here is really good and tasty!


Prices and How to Get There

In the end I had to pay 16€, as it is the price per person without drinks and dessert, and totally worth it!

To arrive here you can either catch the subway to Rato station using the yellow line and then walk to Príncipe Real, or use the blue or green line to get to Baixa-Chiado, go all the way up Bairro Alto, and then arrive to Príncipe Real. It is in a small street, with not many cars and people, not noisy and very calm, but you will notice the entrance of the restaurant.


My Advice

I advise you to come here if you want to have an excellent vegan meal, while trying out a special atmosphere created by the employees and owners, who put in the work to create such a relaxing place to eat.


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