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North Portugal

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photos from a recent tour to North Portugal

Published by Greg Edward — 8 years ago

the towns on the Minho River of Praia Ancora and Vila Nova de Cerveira. About 1 hour from Porto on the border with Spain.

Vila Nova de Cerveira:

The town was founded by King Denis of Portugal in 1321 and today is mainly known and visited due to the international biennial of art[1] that takes place in the town since 1978.

Between the river and the mountain, Vila Nova de Cerveira is located on the left bank of Minho River, which establishes the border with Spain, and is limited to northeast with the municipality of Valença, Paredes de Coura to the east, Ponte de Lima to the south, and Caminha to south-southwest.

The name of the village is explained by a legend.

"Once upon a time... there was a stag (deer) that was chosen by the Gods of Olympos to become a King. And so the stag decided to move, together with other stags, to this uninhabited territory that began to be known as "Terras de Cervaria" (Land of the Stags). Many years flew past. Fights, skirmishes, and disasters gradually devastated the colony until only the King Stag was left. According to the legend, when the noblemen from Asturias came down during the Reconquest to conquer what was to become the Condado Portucalense (Portugal), a young noblemen challenged the King Stag to a face-to-face duel. And the old Lord accepted. The duel took place among the trees and weeds on a trenched site. And, so the legend tells, the King Stag swept to victory! He kept the nobleman's flag that turned to be the King's coat of arms. But the Gods deceived the old King. He wouldn't be immortal... Tired of living and ill, the old Lord died in the loneliness of the crags and with him disappeared for good the Terra da Cervaria. "

But the legend wasn't forgotten and the coat-of-arms still bears a golden passant stag in silver armour standing in a green field.

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Published by Basty Ortiz — 6 years ago


I recommend Lisbon, Portugal to have a beautiful party. I love the city and the place where you can relax and have fun. Night life is the best party ever. I enjoy 4 days tour of living there. I am a traveler and a photographer. I love taking pictures anywhere's place.

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