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Hamburgueria Honorato, Lisbon

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A Bad Experience!

Translated by Bárbara Gomes — 3 years ago

Original text by Teresa Ferreira

After hearing a lot about the famous Honorato, we decided to try it out. There were 4 of us, and at 11 pm, we entered and they seated us at a table almost instantly. As we ordered, I asked if the menu "Falcão" could come with the soy burger, to which the waiter responded yes, but I would have to pay for both dishes?!? Both the Falcão and the vegetarian. Not even just the most expensive of the two, but both.

Honorato is a famous restaurant, but it did not live up to my expectations!


Without realizing it, I made an angry face and he went to get his boss, who tells me that there is no problem at all and that the food can be made as the client wishes. Alright!

Honorato's menu


After a long wait of 20 minutes, the 2 orders arrived, cold, the bread hard and overly salty. We complained and they told us that they could take it and heat it up. Heat it? How do you heat a burger? In a quality place they would have offered us a new burger immediately or at the very least apologise. This was something that wasn´t even close to happening here.


10 minutes passed, the other two orders arrived, just as cold as the others (some of us had already finished our food by the time others would start eating). The waitress apologized and offers us an extra side of fries, to compensate! Fries that never even arrived.

Honorato also has a cocktail menu, as well as hamburgers


Remember the soy burger I asked for? Yeah, unedible, I couldn't eat it. It wasn't even shaped like a burger, it looked like fried minced meat, full of oil. Disgusting really. I could only eat the bread, the tomato, the bacon and the onion. Curiously, these last two ingredients weren't in this amazing mix-up.

The hamburgers at Honorato look delicious online, but mine was terrible


Fed up with the whole situation, the service, the horrible food, we expressed our distaste and asked for the bill. When we looked at it... surprise surprise... They had offered us one of the burgers for free (the soy one lol) to make up for everything that had happened. Ridiculous.

All in all, it was a bad experience, especially as we had such high expectations. We felt robbed and will not go back again. I would not recommend it at all.

The exterior of Honorato


The interior of Honorato


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