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Casa do Alentejo

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"Casa do Alentejo" - never judge a book by its cover

Translated by Catarina Pardal — 3 years ago

Original text by Mercedes Sissa

When you walk around Lisbon, getting off at the Restauradores metro station and walking down the street that leads to the biggest restaurant area at Baixa (downtown), you'll find a building that looks almost dubious, so simple and imperceptible that you wouldn't notice it.

However, those who dare to be curious will be nicely surprised if they decide to enter this place.

It's called "A Casa do Alentejo" (House of Alentejo), it's a small and hidden palace that invites us for a brief trip through various periods and art styles from Portugal.

At the entrance, we're invaded by the arabia, with a lot of tropical flora, a little wish well (where we can leave a coin, hoping that the financial crisis disappears... ) and a stunning work of tiles. Curiosity: there's a very peculiar bathroom on that floor and a big room with television, where usually more "mature" people watch football.

Going up the stairs we have a lot of rooms, two restaurants in slightly different styles but both decorated with "azulejos" (tiles), typical for Portugal, telling the most variable stories. The quality of food depends on how lucky you are and on the cook's mood, but we can highlight the carne de porco à Alentejana (pork meat) and the ones that come accompanied with Migas. People with high tension should ask for moderation in the salt, since this house doesn't save it!

On the left, we have a baroque room with an enormous crystal chandelier watching us from the ceiling and a small stage on the left side that can be useful for some events.

Once in a while there are "secret" rooms in the House that are open to the public, like a pool room or a small library with books that tell us, our parents and grandparents many stories.

Finally, it's an original place for those who love diversity and unpredictability!

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