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Estaminé art food drink

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Nice place for arts and crafts and a beer

Translated by Catarina Pardal — 3 years ago

Original text by Pedro Domingues

EstaminÉ sells ceramic work, pictures and postcards, and besides snacks and drinks, in a charming atmosphere that invites people to debate over their ideas.

EstaminÉ is an invitation for a pause. A pause to have a coffee or a juice without rushing; a glass of wine without compromise or a fresh cocktail. If you want to stretch your pause, we suggest a snack.

Everything is a good excuse to meet this new space we created in Lisbon, close to the gazebo "Nossa Senhora do Monte", our favourite.

A small place, but with great solutions and ideas to decorate the house, treat yourself or someone else.

Things and ceramic bijou and pictures that reveal our look over Lisbon. Its lights, sky and colours; its architecture, hills, lamps, windows, doors, graffiti, poetry and urban landscapes, that attract so many tourists from various places. The store's own furniture reflects yesterday's Lisbon with the eyes of today. We invite you for a visit...

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